ASB Property/Liability

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Coverage plans are viable, broad, flexible, and growing and enable school districts in South Dakota to purchase the broadest coverage available at reasonable rates.

The ASB Property/Liability Fund have partnered with Gallagher Bassett Risk Control Consulting Services to ensure our members receive the highest in P/L services.

When we combine the value of all the coverage’s for our 22 members, we are able to negotiate rates and levels of coverage and is a great example of what can be accomplished when school districts work together.


Cyber Liability Coverage:


The ASB Protective Trust Property/Liability fund offers wide-ranging cyber coverage that includes breach response, data recovery and cyber extortion, among many other areas, all totaling up to $1 million in claims expenses. Learn more about the coverage here.

Contact Director of the Protective Trust Holly Nagel at or at 605-773-2515 for more information on the coverage.

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