Associated School Board Protective Trust

We strive to provide the best coverage and service to our members while keeping costs affordable.

What makes ASB a great choice?

We can work with your school district to design, structure, and administer a benefits plan that includes, health coverage, life insurance, disability, wellness programs, retirement plans, and much more.


A combination of strategic planning, creative benefit design, and financial management to produce a package with optimized benefits at an affordable cost. The plan is very flexible and can be tailored to fit each school district in South Dakota.


Plan provide broad, stable, and growing coverage with limited exclusions. This allows Districts to purchase the broadest coverage available at reasonable prices. The balanced program can withstand fluctuations in the insurance market pricing cycles.

Workers' Comp

Associated School Boards Protective Trust’s most successful and competitive program available to districts. Control over claims handling, loss control and administration will assure the members of quality consistent service.

Benefits of the Trust

  • Shared risk between similar entities, resulting in equitable rating
  • Membership-Driven and governed cooperative, not an insurance company
  • Comprehensive coverage that encompasses the many needs of members with fewer exclusions
  • School Districts utilizing workers’ comp coverage can extend coverage to school board members at no additional cost to the district

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