Workers’ Comp

Workers’ Compensation

Managing school districts’ on-the-job injury claims and helping workers successfully return to employment.


  • Participating school districts own the Trust, with all premiums building equity to help offset costs
  • Excellent claims management and cost containment
  • Individualized claims management, a return-to-work program, and one-on-one contact with member districts and injured workers
  • Toll-free number call line for affiliates with provider and medical treatment
  • Keep business in South Dakota as Claims Associates Inc. is the TPA
  • School board members and volunteers are covered at no additional cost

ASB is able to secure our member districts with the best coverage at the best rates, due to the pooling of resources. Control over claims handling, loss control and administration will assure the members of quality consistent service.

Each member district is fully covered for work related injuries sustained by district employees. Districts may also extend coverage to school board members at no additional costs to the district.

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Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Trust plan has competitive pricing, financial stability, comprehensive loss control program and strong a reputation

South Dakota Workers’ Compensation Law requires all employers to provide coverage for their employees, and the ASB Protective Trust was developed specifically for South Dakota school districts.For more information on Workers’ Compensation visit

How long does an Employee have to report and Injury?

According to SDCL 62-7-10, an employee must report an injury to the employer as soon as practicable. Written notice of the injury should be provided to the employer within 3 business days after the injury occurred. The 3 day period does not start until the employee should have realized he was injured. If notice is not given timely, a claim may be denied unless: (a) the employer had actual knowledge of the injury (the standard is whether a “reasonably conscientious manager should have known of the possibility of a compensable claim” (b) the employee had “good cause” for not providing written notice within 3 days (for example: an employee is incapacitated).

How long does an employer have to complete First Report of Injury?

SDCL 62-6-1 states an employer must complete the First Report of Injury “within 7 calendar days, not counting Sundays and legal holidays, after any employer has knowledge of the occurrence of an injury. The employer shall preserve the record for a period of at least 4 years from the date of injury. The records shall be signed by the employer and a copy given to the injured employee. Any employer who fails to complete or maintain the injury records required by this section is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.”

How long does the TPA have to investigate each claim?

SDCL 62-6-3: The TPA has a minimum of 20 days and a maximum of 50 days to investigate each claim and must notify the employee and the Department of Labor and Regulation in writing if denying liability for the reported injury. A company or employer which fails to comply with this statute will be fined $100 by the Department of Labor & Regulation for each act of non-compliance.

When is the right to compensation barred?

SDCL 62-7-35.3: the right to compensation is barred if no medical treatment has been obtained within seven years after the employee first files the first report of injury.

What is the minimum and maximum compensation rates?

As of 7/1/13, the weekly state minimum compensation rate: $346.00 per week The weekly state maximum compensation rate: $691.00 per week.

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